My Clients Speak Up!
My Clients Speak Up!

Client Reviews

"We didn't want to pass on the opportunity to tell you just how grateful we are that you came on board with us for all the twists and turns. We have gathered a great deal of respect for your knowledge of real estate and the gumption you exhibited in doing your job on our behalf was greatly appreciated! Thank you! Tom and Ronda

" Yes, we would recommend them - we are very happy with Mark Howe. Very helpful during a difficult time. Answered every question and walked us through the process." J.S Greenfield

*Hi Mark,
I was just going back through all my old paperwork as I prepared my taxes and wanted to take some time out to thank you guys again! It was a long journey for us to get out of that home and I know that it wouldn't have been possible without your help and dedication! I am happy to report that we are just one paycheck away from being debt free! It is a great place to be and we are so thankful for all that you did for us! I am always happy to share our experience with people that we meet that are going through the same troubles so that they too know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I hope you are doing well.

*We couldn't have asked for better support and guidance to help us through this process. We know business is business, but you went above and beyond and we can't thank you enough! Joel and Elizabeth

*Dear Mark,
I can't thank you enough for everything you did for my mom and stepdad. They appreciated all you did more that you could know.

Take Care,
Kathy and Gary

*Well today is the day :) Closing on our glad to get it over and done with! It's been so much work, but our Realtor Mark Howe has put in as much if not more time and effort to enable us to be able to sell our home. Thank you Mark so very much for everything you've done for us. I know it wasn't always smooth sailing, but you stuck with us, fought for us, and have helped us so much. We are truly thankful to you.

*We really appreciate how much you have gone over and above with everything.


*You are AWESOME!! LOVE IT!!

Chris and Shanna

*You've done a great job for us. Very responsive, and based on the number of showings we've had, you obviously understand today's home values.

Jim and Stephanie

*Mark, Thanks for the update and advise to wait until this happened. I've worked with several realtors in the past. You are by far the most knowledgeable and thorough. We appreciate you!! I have 2 sons in the Indy area that will be buying in the next year or so. You will get their business.


We were CC'd on an e-mail to a referral containing the following message...

*Hi Mary - as promised, I'm introducing you to the Remax Realtor who did an amazing job on my home sale which was a short sale and made this type of sale a niche and that is extremely important because the short sale process is very convoluted. A wrong realtor will be a lot more problems than solutions if they are not well versed in the short sale process. I consider Mark a blessing by helping me sell my house last year. I'm sure he can help you when you are ready. Take care - C